Dear Wine Lover

Now that you’re seeing the first wine bottle that’s 100% recycled and 100% recyclable, you have great responsibility. We believe great responsibility calls for great action – for the planet, for wine & for yourself.

A Blue Bn bottles of White Wine

At River Road Family Vineyards And Winery, healing the planet is what we do. We’re the wine for eco-conscious wine lovers looking to go anywhere and do anything, while leaving a minimal footprint on the world. Our premium, sustainably-grown California wine, poured into planet-friendly 750 mL bottles, is made from 100% recycled materials that can be recycled over and over again.

We encourage you to make the alternative choice for your wine, to take action, and recycle what you enjoy so we can enjoy the world a bit longer. Enjoy and recycle –
that’s BLUE BIN.

A Blue Bn bottles of Rose Wine, of 2022

Vin Rosé

Wild strawberry aromas with juicy watermelon flavors.

A Blue Bn bottles of Sauvignon Blanc Wine, of 2022

Sauvignon Blanc

Vibrant citrus aromas and flavors of apple.

A Blue Bn bottle of Pinot Grigio Wine, of 2022

Pinot Grigio

Floral notes with zesty lemon flavor.

A Blue Bn bottles of Chardonnay Wine, of 2022


Tropical fruit and crisp apple flavors.



Sustainability that makes a real difference - through the adoption of thoughtful growing practices and innovative design that actively reduces carbon emissions, enables 100% recyclability, and heals the planet.


At River Road Family Vineyards And Winery, we're inspiring sustainable change - enabling the accesibility of premium wine in packaging that works for the planet and introduces wine to where glass isn't going, can't go, and shouldn't go.


Our mission is to heal the planet through sustainable wine innovation that enables the eco-conscious consumer to go anywhere and do anything with a minimal carbon footprint.


At River Road Family Vineyards And Winery, we create wine that's 100% sustainable, inside and out.

The 100% recycled BLUE BIN bottle, while still the standard fill of 750ml, is designed to be smaller, lighter, shatterproof, and fully recyclable. This enables more cases to be shipped per truckload than typical wine bottles, reducing carbon emissions.

With BLUE BIN, we're healing the planet and leading the wine industry to 100% sustainability - inside the bottle and out.

Enjoy and recycle - that's BLUE BIN.